Math Websites

Math Playground (Gr K-6) ONLINE PLAY
This site has many excellent games. Many of the games are clearly math (Area & Perimeter, Representing Fractions, etc.). Other excellent games are related to logic or problem solving (see Factory Balls, Bloxorz, or Sugar Sugar). You may want to monitor your child on this site because not all games are of equal quality.

Greg Tang Math (Gr 1-6) ONLINE PLAY
This site has games at a wide range of levels.

Math Games - Shapes (GR 1-6) ONLINE PLAY
This British website provides children with various games focused on geometry concepts. After exploring the shape games, try out the fraction games or others.

Search by grade level and then by content to practice a large number of skills. No music, no animation, nothing flashy at all. But if you want to practice a specific skill and get feedback, this will accomplish that goal.

Illuminations (Gr K-12)
This website is run by NCTM, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. It has a combination of online play, recommended apps, and daily puzzles. NCTM is a very reputable organization and the activities found on this website should be good!

Mathwire (Gr K-8)
This site provides excellent printable problem-solving exercises for students Grades K-8.

youcubed (Gr K-12)
This fabulous website has resources for parents, teachers, and students. Watch videos, find engaging tasks, read articles, and learn about the “math revolution” that Stanford Professor Jo Boaler promotes!

Figure This (Gr 6-8)
This site is sponsored by NCTM, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (among others), and features a series of fun and engaging, high-quality challenges.

LearnZillion (Gr K-6)
Register to create an account, and then explore the thousands of excellent lessons, including lessons with video. Narrow down lessons by grade level or by topic.

Common Core Sheets (Gr K-6)
This website allows parents to print out worksheets that correspond to Common Core math standards at each grade level.

Coolmath4kids (Gr 1-6)
This website includes games, lessons, and brain teasers. The games are a bit heavy on memorizing facts and speedy, but there are other redeeming parts to this site.

Mathematics Standards
Want to explore the Common Core standards in detail? Go directly to the source.

common sense media
Helps parents make smart choices in selecting media. This website reviews apps, websites, books, TV, movies, music, etc.

Bed Time Math
Find a new, real-world math problem every day. Problems are designed for parents to explore with their children at bedtime, with an emphasis on mental math.

Progression Videos
Super fun videos for teachers (or parents) that give a compressed summary of content across the grades. You will find this enlightening!

Math Apps for iPad/iPhone or Android

K-2 Apps
K-2 Math Apps
3-5 Math Apps