Climate Committee


A School Climate Committee is made up of parents, staff, and students who work with the principal to understand how it feels for the different students and families to be at a particular school. Using survey and other data, with the Principal, the Climate Committee develops ways to promote the District's core values of student connectedness, and respect and a positive learning environment for all. This can include anti-bullying programs, parent education, student-led activities, and much more. For more information on School Climate please visit the Climate Services website

Hello all,

Looking forward to seeing you at tomorrow's Climate Committee meeting. The meeting will be held this Tuesday from 4-5:30 in Room 22 (Library). Please note the following meeting is isn't until Jan. 21 (we skip December), so please come if you can! I'll bring tea and snacks :)

Our draft agenda is  HERE

Cesar Chavez Climate Committee 10-15-2019 Meeting Note.pdf