School Site Council Committee


Per the California Education Code, each elementary school Site Council is responsible for the following:

· Review and approval of the Comprehensive School Safety Plan

· Review and approval of the School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA), which serves as a single year strategic plan for the school

· Review and approval of the school's allocation of Local Control Funding Formula ("LCFF") funds

· Development of a site level parent involvement policy

The Site Council consists of 12 members and one alternate, as specified in the Site Council bylaws. The members are the principal, five staff members (certificated and classified), and six parents. (A seventh parent serves as an alternate.) Peers must select staff Site Council members in a democratically conducted process. Cesar Chavez parents elect Parent Site Council members in a school-wide election for two-year terms, staggered to ensure all parent representatives are not elected in the same year.

2019-2020 School Site Council Members
Petrea Marchand, Chair
Beth Lesen, Vice Chair
Agustin Antunez, Secretary
Bill Wood, Superintendent Advisory Committee Parent Rep
Kate Legrand, Parent
Juan Caceres, Parent
Osvaldo Rubio, Teacher
Petrina Jonas, Teacher Librarian
Laura Anderson, Teacher
Veronica L Dunn, Principal

September 25, 2019 Meeting

September 25, 2019 Meeting

Approved Minutes
Approved September 25, 2019 Minutes

October 16, 2019 Meeting

October 16, 2019 Meeting Agenda

Approved Minutes
Approved October 16, 2019 Minutes

December 4, 2019 Meeting

December 4, 2019 agenda

Approved Minutes
• Approved December 4, 2019 minutes

Notice to Interested Entities

Report on Social Emotional Health

Report on Students with Disabilities

Safety Plan Subcommittee Report

DJUSD Safety Task Force Report

January 15, 2020


. January 15, 2020