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During the first trimester, 4th – 6th graders have been very busy in the library!

   • 4th graders have been learning about the Dewey decimal system, how our library is organized and how to find books. They enjoy playing Kahoot! and going on library scavenger hunts.
   • 5th graders:
During library time, 5th graders have been learning about curating (collecting, organizing, & sharing) information and resources. After reading a book about Ansel Adams and how he collected, organized, and shared information about the national parks with his photographs, 5th graders curated a list of recommended websites for kids to use to learn more about national parks. They also learned how to evaluate a website to determine if the information is useful and reliable.

Here are the recommendations:
Hidden World of National Parks:

   • 6th graders have been busy doing a research project about Ancient Greece. Before beginning the project, students learned about doing safe internet research and how to evaluate the usefulness and reliability of websites. Next, students formed groups to research different cultural aspects of Ancient Greece. Each group is currently working on creating a Google Slides presentations, learning how to properly cite sources, and will present their research in class in December.
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Thursday   8:10 a.m.   3:15 p.m.
Friday   8:10 a.m.   3:15 p.m.

Student Resources
Clever Through clever students have access to many resources and databases

FactCite is a collection of databases that support curriculum and stimulate young researchers.
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