Principal Dunn Update - February 25, 2024
Posted on 02/25/2024

Dear CCE Community,

Safety Policy: Check In and Check Out of Office

All CCE parents, guardians, and visitors are required to “check in and check out” of our Raptor System Kiosk located in our school’s main office to obtain a visitor badge prior to entering a classroom or any other area of campus. The Raptor safety software allows our office staff to screen and keep track of who is on our campus daily and is one of many important safety measures our school enforces to ensure that students and staff are safe during school operations.

School Policy: Student Cell Phones & Smart Watches

Students should not be contacting caregivers during the school day using their personal cell phone or smart watch between 8:10 a.m. - 2:30 p.m./3:00 p.m. or without permission from teacher or school staff. If your child is feeling unwell at school, the protocol for students is to report to their teacher or a staff member immediately to visit the school nurse in the office. The school nurse will assess your child’s ailments or symptoms and will directly contact you by phone if your child needs to be picked up or will allow/give your child permission to call you directly from their device in their presence.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding these two items. Your partnership and cooperation are appreciated.


Sra. Dunn


California department of education

CCE Welcomes California Department of Education & Delegation

Davis, CA – February 23, 2024
– Davis Joint Unified School District (DJUSD) Superintendent Matt Best welcomed California Department of Education (CDE) Deputy Superintendent Sarah Neville Morgan and U.S. Department of Education Assistant Deputy Secretary and Director, Office of English Language Acquisition, Montserrat Garibay, on Tuesday for a visit to Marguerite Montgomery Elementary (MME) and César Chávez Elementary as part of their dual language immersion California school visits. Read the press release here: DJUSD Welcomes Education Dignitaries Press Release.docx.pdf

February CARES Assemblies

Last Wednesday, the following Kindergarten students were recognized by their teachers for demonstrating CARES in their classrooms. ¡Felicitaciones!

Last Friday, we announced our February Super Lobes at our César CARES assembly. Congratulations to our 1st-6th grade students, ¡Sí se puede!

February Super Lobos


Salón 1: Pedro Johnson, Luna Preciado, Frida Reyes, and Landon Young

Salón 7: Jacobo Delgado Rubio, Abigail Goulden, Jackson Evans, and Audrey Kanenaga

Salón 8: Vance Culbert, Maribella Gomez, Anika Hussey, Ari Lopez, and Mako Nguyen

super lobos

1st grade: Leilani Arechiga, Victoria Carrazco, Melina Darrah-Magana, Rachel Dillman, Hector Gomez, Owen Johnson, Alberto Landeros, and Sienna Thayer

2nd grade: Nicolas Richards, Analise Rosas, Ander Verduzco Primakoff, Alexander Rezvani, Taekyung Shipley, and Emerson Whitmer

3rd grade: Elise Cerda, Zachary Elmanawy, Leo Grodzki-Drumm, Hadley Hayes, Daleyza Perez Madera, Luke Pinkerton, Elodie Reynolds, and Cyra Ruebelt

4th grade: Isaac Bates, Emilia de la Fuente, Eleanore Esseff, Aletheia Johnson, Hugo Stevenson, and Elena Still

5th grade: Emma Lucia Francis, Hugo Liems, Camden Martinez, Miguel Martinez, Marlo Price, Dillon Reynolds, Anna Vellanoweth, and David Wensky

6th grade: Emma Applebaum, Etta Bryson, Isabella de la Fuente, Mason Dias, Clara Sluis, Rowan Taylor, Sophie Vidrio

6th Grade Math Projects

6th Grade Math Projects

On Friday this week, our three six-grade classes opened their classroom doors and invited our 1st-5th grade classes to showcase their scale models. The sixth graders explained how their scale factor formulas allowed them to recreate an object three times the size of the object’s original measurement.


CCE auction

CCE 2024 Annual Gala

"Havin' a Ball in the Big Easy" (presented by SIPAT and The Fletchers Real Estate) tickets are on sale! The Gala will be the event of the year, with dinner and dancing, a live band, live and silent auctions, games, and general merriment. Don't miss out! Buy tickets here.

Kindergarten Information Night Presentation
In case you missed last week’s 2024-25 Kindergarten Information Night, you may view the presentation slides here or on our CCE website. Please call our office if you would like to schedule a tour this week:

  • Monday, February 26 – 2024-25 Open Enrollment, DJUSD will begin accepting registration documents; emailed to [email protected]

Attendance Matters in February

The month of February at CCE presents with higher volumes of student absences due to illness, as well as Short-Term Independent Study (STIS). Therefore, we ask families to help out by contacting our front office staff and teachers each day your child will not be present at school due to illness or other reasons. In addition, our office staff and teachers respectfully ask that you provide us at least two weeks or more in advance when initiating the STIS Request form to provide the teachers ample time to create and organize materials for your child during their STIS. You may pick up a STIS form in the front office and you may access more DJUSD Attendance Initiative information on our district website.

Important Dates & Events

Friday, March 1
– Principal’s Coffee, 8:30 a.m.

Saturday, March 9 – CCE Gala and Auction, 5:0-11:00 p.m., Veterans Memorial Center

M-F, March 11-15 – Spring Safety Week

M-F, March 18-22 – Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences, 1st-6th Early Dismissal, 1:30 p.m.

M-F, March 25-29 – NO SCHOOL, Spring Break

Monday, April 1 – 123 Andres Concert, 9:15a and 10:45a, CCE MPR

M-F, April 1-5 – César Chávez Week
Wednesday, April 10 – CCE Open House, 5:30-7:00 p.m.

Monday, May 6 – CCE Orchestra & Choir Club Concert, feat. Mariachi Puente, 6:30 pm, CCE MPR