Principal Update - October 10, 2021
Posted on 10/10/2021

Saludos CCE Community,

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is a fundamental part of education and human development and the core of students’ well-being and academic achievement. SEL is the priority at CCE, and its foundations are imbedded in everything we do at our school. SEL is a part of our school culture through our daily interactions, academic instruction, PBIS-CARES weeks, our classroom schedule starting the day with Morning Meetings and at the end of the school day with Closing Circle.

Even now, Teachers and Support Staff see a critical need to support our students’ social skills after the 18-month pandemic gap where many experienced a degree of isolation. Students are still remembering how to act at school and be social with peers. Students have been adapting to the new academic rigors of output learning and feeling fatigued from an in-person school day demonstrating their understanding in real time. Likewise, many students are struggling with collaborating and playing with peers in class and/or outdoors at recess.

To navigate and thrive during these next 31 weeks of school, we must strive towards a careful balance between several competing demands. We will continue helping students develop solid and effective strategies for emotional expression, regulation, and self-confidence. Yet, much of our immediate attention will be focused on reteaching and reinforcing:

  • Relationship Skills: the ability to get along and make meaningful connections with people
  • Social Awareness: the ability to take the perspective of and empathize with others, as well as learning social and ethical behavior
  • Responsible decision-making: the ability to make positive, constructive choices about your behavior.
  • Self-management: the ability to not only identify but regulate emotions, thoughts, and actions
  • Self-awareness: the ability to identify and assess your thoughts, feelings, and values, as well as how they intersect with your behaviors.

We would appreciate your regular communication with your child’s teacher and, your help reinforcing our school’s CARES as well as the social skills mentioned above, at home with your child/children. These are the social and emotional skills that help us live and work together resiliently, productively, and safely. And school is where we can learn and improve these skills.

Thank you for taking the time to read more about SEL and how important it is for our students to attain essential wellbeing outcomes at CCE.

Sra. Dunn

concrete pouring
Friday’s MPR Concrete Pour a Success!

Last Friday’s concrete pouring of our MPR foundation was a success due to the cooperation and coordination with the Landmark Construction Team, DJUSD’s Bond Team and our CCE school community members. Thanks to you all!

aloha friday
CCE Staff Celebrate Aloha Friday
At CCE, we also find ways to strengthen Adult SEL by fostering a supportive environment that takes time for self-care and re-energizing. Research shows that schools are more effective at teaching and reinforcing SEL for students when they also cultivate SEL competencies in adults. “Aloha Friday” brought our staff together to enjoy a lunchtime Kona Ice Social and an after-school Hula Dancing Lesson with alumni parent, Marc Asuncion.

1st Grade Concert with Nathalia

In honor of Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month and support through a SIPAT cultural grant, 1st grade classrooms celebrated with Nathalia, LA based bilingual children’s musician and teaching artist in a virtual performance. Nathalia showcased her unique style of bilingual songwriting with all of 1st grade students! It would be wonderful to invite Nathalia next fall to CCE for the whole school with our new MPR opening.

bike racks
Visitor and Volunteer Bike Racks
CCE was awarded a Clean Air Fund Grant to purchase more bike racks for our campus, especially for visitor and volunteers during the school day. Muchas Gracias to our 2018-2020 School Site Council Member, Petrea Marchand, who helped make this happen. More bike racks will be installed on campus during the multiple phases in the MPR project timeline.

Halloween Spirit Day at CCE – Friday, October 29

CCE students will have an opportunity to participate in our CCE Spirit Day – Halloween. COVID-19 guidelines will continue to be mandatory, and students must wear an appropriate face covering or surgical mask on campus. HDT asymptomatic campus testing will continue throughout the school day. We hope students find this day to be enjoyable!
Due to the lack of playground space, CCE will not be able to host a school-wide parade in the morning this school year.

Students will be permitted to wear a costume to school and in their classroom if they choose to. We are not requiring anyone to participate in costume wearing, and if costumes cause a disruption in the classroom teachers may request the student to remove it. The goal is to not spend the day taking costumes off and on, they are permitted to wear them without minimal distraction to the school day. Teachers can have some differences in what activities they will be planning for their students, though please know that teachers will continue to proceed with their regular daily lessons and schedules while incorporating creative academic lessons or activities.

Reminder: All CCE students must be aware and mindful to NOT bring Halloween candies and foods with nuts in the classroom. Eating is not permitted in the classroom. Students with allergies will have accommodating seating at the allergy tables in the outdoor lunch area.

Costume Guidelines

  • All CCE Students and Staff will continue to wear a face covering or surgical mask just like they do every day at school.
  • Wearing a costume for the day is optional.
  • Choose a day and time during recess, lunch, after-school to help students make costumes in the classroom with teacher/students; costume items could be available if classroom families donate.
  • Please follow district and school Dress Code policy, wear appropriate attire without indecency or gore.
  • You must be identifiable throughout the day. Avoid face paint that completely disguises your facial appearance.
  • Choose a costume that is comfortable and allows for independent adjustments.
  • For safety reasons, we are asking that you leave the following items at home:
    o Weapons, or costume accessories that look like weapons
    o Halloween masks must be left at home, they are not COVID face covering substitutions
    o Aerosol color sprays or glitter
    o Make-up or face-painting crayons, paint brushes
    o Fake blood
    o Noise making accessories

Friday Asymptomatic Saliva Testing at CCE

  • Week of August 23rd, HDT @ CCE tested 182 school members = 154 students and 28 staff.
  • Week of August 30th, HDT @ CCE tested 412 school members = 369 students and 43 staff
  • Week of September 10, HDT @ CCE tested 436 school members = 396 students and 40 staff (in 3-hours!)
  • Week of September 17, HDT @ CCE tested 476 school members = 436 students and 40 staff
  • Week of September 24, HDT @ CCE tested 477 school members = 431 students and 46 staff
  • Week of October 1, HDT @ CCE tested 492 school members = 448 students and 44 staff
  • Week of October 8, HDT @ CCE tested 504 school members = 461 students and 43 staff


Volunteers needed at CCE

Playworks and Running Club Parent volunteers are needed Tuesdays and Thursdays starting the week of October 18! Please contact Hilary Henricson at [email protected] if you are interested in helping out during the school day for Playworks Tu & Th between 10:45-2:45 p.m., and Running Club 2:45-4:15 p.m.

Important Dates & Events

Monday, October 11 – Indigenous People’s Day
Wednesday, October 20 – School Site Council Meeting, 4:00-5:30 p.m., Zoom
Tuesday, October 26 – Climate Committee Meeting, 4:00-5:00 p.m., Zoom
Wednesday, October 27 – Día de los Muertos, TBD Sponsored by SIPAT
Friday, October 29 – CCE Halloween Spirit Day
Mon, Nov 1 – Fri, Nov 5 – CCE Kindness Week
Thursday, November 11- NO SCHOOL, Veteran’s Day Holiday
Friday, November 12 – NO SCHOOL, Teacher Workday
Mon, Nov 15 – Fri, Nov 19 – Parent Teacher Conference Week, Dismissal all week 1:30 p.m.