March 29,2020

Dear CCE Family,

I send this update with hope that you and loved ones continue to be well and safe. We are all impacted in different ways by this unprecedented circumstance and it is natural to feel out of sorts and isolated from the people and routines we appreciate and depend on so much.

I, too, am sensitive to the plethora of information that is circulating online and in the media. I realize many are searching for answers to questions, solutions to problems, and for our students we are searching to discover what other school districts are implementing and presenting to their school communities right now. I encourage you to not overwhelm yourselves searching online for the absolute answers, solutions or educational models to remediate the situation we are facing now.

We must move through our new reality slowly so we can determine the viable path that supports our students, families and teachers. DJUSD and CCE have a plan in place that is unique to our community and diverse needs. I can attest that DJUSD is rising to the occasion. Our efforts are not visible on the outside, though from the inside you should know this has been the most collaborative and thoughtful effort I have ever been a part of. We are doing our very best to tailor this plan for all DJUSD students, educators and families under these unique circumstances.

Our CCE staff is committed to serving you and our students. Equity, accessibility and innovation are imbedded in our intentions to deliver an educational plan for Spanish Immersion and Social-Emotional Learning. Distance Learning is a work in progress, something our SI Program has never done before, and our staff have jumped into this with a Si se puede passion like never before. This is a shared responsibility to support our students’ growth, learning and emotional health.

Many of you have already received a survey from your teachers so we can anticipate how we can make Distance Learning possible for your child and family. We are adapting as we go and we appreciate your patience and trust while we slowly roll this out to our CCE students. We miss your children and please send them our wishes for continued good health and well-being. We will be in contact soon!

With warmth and wellness,

Veronica L Dunn


Visit the DJUSD COVID-19 Webpage  and Superintendent’s Message. For school closure/COVID-19 information, updates and resources please visit

CCE Distance Learning Plan

Each week, I lead a WebEx meeting with our staff to discuss our Phase II – Distance Learning Plan. This past Tuesday and Wednesday, Teachers and Specialists collaborated on WebEx to determine the essential content standards and skills our students will learn. On Thursday and Friday, all CCE Staff participated in five DJUSD-designed professional development trainings on best practices in Distance Learning (DL) Pedagogy:

  • Distance Learning strategies with a focus on best practices and the foundational structures of distance learning;
  • Universal Design for Learning so content can be accessed and understood by all students regardless of assets, abilities, language, or barriers;
  • Social Emotional Learning supports to create class connections, community, and a better understanding of the needs of students in a Distance Learning format;
  • Routines and structures to deliver Distance Learning;
  • New internal web resources to learn, collaborate and access training modules

This week, our teachers will receive digital technology support about online platforms that will be used to build virtual courses, collaborate with colleagues and engage with students remotely. Our CCE Distance Learning Plan aligns with the DJUSD Phase II Plan:

  • Opportunities for virtual contact with classmates and teacher
  • Teacher “Office hours”
  • Directed instruction from teacher
  • Independent work activities to supplement teacher instruction
  • Designated time for English Learner and Special Education support

Our teachers are sharing their best practices and techniques with one another and are working diligently to support our students’ academic, linguistic and social-emotional development and growth. CCE teachers are working alongside District experts and specialists to sustain English and Spanish Language Development and Special Education so that we deliver instruction that will meet the needs of all our students.

There will be more details forthcoming which I will share with you next week in my Principal Update.

Spring Testing

The English Language Proficiency Assessment for California (ELPAC) and the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) has been cancelled. For more updates from the California Department of Education, please visit their COVID-19 website and the DJUSD COVID-19 website.

Supports for CCE Families


  • Breakfast and Lunch service will be extended through to Spring Break. Serving times are 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to all children under the age of 18 until April 3 and distributed at four locations: Montgomery Elementary, Harper Junior High, Davis Senior High School and Patwin Elementary.


  • Chromebook check out has been extended until April 3 and is directed first to our families in need, who do not have a connection or a device at home for their students. DJUSD and CCE are doing our best to recognize the need to assess how families can access what they need to participate in our DL Plan.
    Due to the volume of requests for Chromebooks and Phone Calls, please visit the DJUSD Technology Website for guidelines and information.
  • Internet Access support for DJUSD families
    o If you and your family do not have internet access at home please call the DJUSD’s Instructional Technology Department at (530) 757-5300 x117 and leave a voicemail with your name and contact information. A DJUSD representative will contact you within 24 hours. If you know someone who may need this support, please call us, and we can help.
    o More information to come this week regarding Kinder-1st grade families DJUSD Technology Agreement to access Clever where primary digital curriculum and resource pages are located.


  • DJUSD counselors have developed a new Social and Emotional Webpage with Resources to support managing with COVID-19 anxiety and Prevention and Wellness services. Each week they are posting new articles to helps support staff and families. 
  • CCE Counselor, Andrea Flores, is also available by emailing her at
  • DJUSD Distance Learning Action Teams have also put together a Social-Emotional Module to implement in our DL Plan to support and sustain students’ SEL and Community Development.


  • The DJUSD nurses are working on putting together a Healthy Living page on the district website that will provide information and curriculum based upon the CA Health Education Framework. The goal is to support teachers with health related content and curriculum which they could use with students. Examples are nutrition, exercise/activity, sleep, development, disease prevention, community health, and the list goes on…
  • Natalie Johnson, CCE School Nurse, is available by email or telephone if you have any questions regarding COVID-19. You may reach her at or (530) 638-2290.