March 23, 2020
Posted on 03/23/2020

Dear César Chávez Parents, Guardians and Staff,
My heart and soul goes out to you all during this extraordinary time. I miss you all so much.

I recognize that this has been a school year above and beyond the usual emotional and physical challenges, for every member at CCE. When I hear and say the phrase, Si se puede, I am reminded of the strength behind this mantra and life’s work so many have fought to make this ideology a reality.

I believe in you all. I know we will work together to get through this, much like we have already done so before. César Chávez CARES and these core values will help us through this!

Cooperation, Adaptability, Responsibility, Empathy, Safety

Please remember this, beyond anything else we are dealing with right now, you and your family come first. And what I mean by that is this: Your emotional and physical health are critically important to you, and your loved ones. If we aren’t looking after ourselves, we can’t help others.

Please contact me for any reason, I will also be sending a brief update midweek.

With Warmth and Wellness,

Veronica L Dunn


CCE Campus

CCE Campus is closed and all essential employees are working from home. César Chávez Elementary Classrooms were deep cleaned last week.

Supports for CCE Families


  • Breakfast and Lunches are still being served 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to all children under the age of 18 until April 3 and distributed at four locations: Montgomery Elementary, Harper Junior High, Davis Senior High School and Patwin Elementary.


  • Three ways to acquire a Chromebook for your child.
    o Fill out the Chromebook Loaner Request Form. You will need to ask your child what their 5-digit lunch number is. If they do not know your child’s 5-digit number, please contact Veronica Dunn, Lynn Alvarez or Andrea Flores Within 24 hours a DJUSD representative will contact you or you can pick up your Chromebook between March 23-27. 

o Call the DJUSD Instructional Technology Department at (530) 757-5300 x117. Leave a voicemail with your full name, student's full name, and a contact phone number or email. Within 24 hours a DJUSD representative will contact you or you can pick up your Chromebook between March 23-27.
o Show up to the pick-up location during the hours below, fill out our Chromebook information and agreement form and be on your way. Please bring your child’s DJUSD Student ID # (lunch number).
o Chromebook Distribution: 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Marguerite Montgomery, Harper Junior High or Patwin Elementary.

  • Internet Access support for DJUSD famiies
    o If you and your family do not have internet access at home please call the DJUSD’s Instructional Technology Department at (530) 757-5300 x117 and leave a voicemail with your name and contact information. A DJUSD representative will contact you within 24 hours. If you know someone who may need this support, please call us, and we can help.


  • DJUSD will be posting a new Social and Emotional Webpage with Resources to support managing with COVID-19 anxiety and Prevention and Wellness services. CCE Counselor, Andrea Flores, is also available by emailing her at
  • DJUSD employees also have access online to district counseling support using telemedicine software. Please contact Veronica or Andrea so we can help direct you the resources.


  • Natalie Johnson, CCE School Nurse, is available by email or telephone if you have any questions regarding COVID-19. You may reach her at or (530) 638-2290.

CCE Teachers and Stakeholder Groups

  • Teachers miss their students and will be sending email updates to parents to pass on to their child, some teachers started this last week. All teachers will have access and training to a virtual conferencing system by April 6 to support Distance Learning and Social-Emotional supports.
  • Please reach out to our Stakeholder Group Chairs and SIPAT Leaders who are willing to help support families at this time. Please contact me at so I can connect you to one or all this week.
    o Climate Committee Chairs: Co-Chairs - Juliette Beck and Kadee Russ
    o English Learner Advisory Committee: Chair - Agustin Antunez
    o School Site Council: Chair – Petrea Marchand, Vice-Chair – Beth Lesen
    o SIPAT: President – Jennifer Kam, Vice President – Steve Clossick

Home Learning

Phase I Begins Today

To support this first phase of voluntary home instruction, DJUSD has launched DJUSD Learning@Home website for students and families with K-12, Spanish and English links to educational wesites and our core curriculum that can be access voluntarily. These resources are not designed to replace or replicate classroom instruction; they were compiled to build a habit for learning at home, keep students engaged and curious in learning, and provide DJUSD with time to design a thoughtful Distance Learning plan for all District teachers and students, which will launch on April 13, 2020.

Phase II – Distance Learning Plan: April 13, 2020

After Spring Break, DJUSD will transition to a Distance Learning model of instruction. Distance Learning is generally defined as teaching and learning between an instructor and student who are located in different places and can include delivery through online, telephone, video conferencing, or distributed hard copy materials. Stay tuned for more information from our school district, your principal and your teachers and view a Distance Learning Preview at DJUSD’s COVID-19 website.

Additional Resources

Additional Resources