February 23, 2020
Posted on 02/23/2020

Dear CCE Community,
March 16-March 22, 2019 is Spring Conference Week. Students in first through sixth grades will be dismissed at 1:30 p.m. every day during conference week to provide time for teachers to meet with parents and guardians. Kindergarten schedules do not change.

Spring conferences are intended for parents/guardians of students who have not yet met grade level standards or who have other educational needs that should be addressed in a conference. Your child's teacher will determine whether a conference is necessary.


Del 16 al 20 de marzo de 2020 será la semana de conferencias de primavera. Los estudiantes de primero a sexto grado saldrán a la 1:30 PM todos los días durante la semana de las conferencias para que los maestros tengan tiempo de reunirse con los padres y tutores. Los horarios del kínder no cambiarán.

Las conferencias de primavera son para los padres/tutores de los estudiantes que aún no han alcanzado los estándares del nivel o que tienen otras necesidades educativas que deben tratarse en una conferencia. El maestro/a de su hijo/a decidirá si la conferencia es necesaria.


Tule tradition

Diana Almendariz’s Tule Traditions Presentation

Diana Almendariz, Native California Patwin Wintun Educator, presented to all of our 4th grade classrooms last week. It was a special experience for our students to have someone who can talk from the point of view of Native perspectives of the Patwin Wintun homeland people related to language, culture, gold mining and the fact it was illegal for "Indians" to own gold and acquire wealth, basketry, ecology and the importance of tule, history of being an unrecognized "extinct" tribe that took in "neophytes" (Native Californians) that escaped the missions, and much more.

6th Graders Explore with NEW Digital Microscopes

Our 6th grade Science students are learning about cells and cell structure with lessons from a new Next Generation Science Standards “pilot” curriculum. Sra. Ewey set up a lab for students to look at cells with optical microscopes. Though the students were allowed to take their lab exploration outdoors utilizing new digital microscopes that were purchased with Move-A-Thon funds where students could explore in our school gardens. It was wonderful to see our students moving outdoors and visibly seeing science in action!

Important Updates

Parent Engagement Night 2020, This Tuesday Night!

DJUSD invites all parents and family members, Davis community members and DJUSD staff to attend Parent Engagement Night. This is an opportunity for all to learn more about the student experience and what is happening in Davis Joint Unified. For more information and to RSVP for this excitingevent, please visit the Parent Engagement Night website.

CCE Move-A-Thon Next week, March 4 (Kindergarten) and March 6 (1st-6th)

Our annual Move-A-Thon school wide event is approaching fast…next week! 6th grade students will be collaborating to make posters and visit classrooms to advertise and support this super fun event. We hope that our CCE community and families can help in many ways to either volunteer at the Move-A-Thon and/or support this important fundraising event. Funds from our CCE Move-A-Thon directly support our school programs and student learning. Please see our weekly Highlights mentioned above about last week’s 4th grade Wintun presentation and 6th grade Science Digital Microscopes. We are so grateful for SIPAT for organizing this event for our students!

2020 UC Davis Picnic Day Parade on Saturday, April 18, 2020.

This is our second time participating in the parade. Please join our school's walking delegation as we celebrate the enriched experience our bilingual and multicultural education program offers to our families. Last year, more than 70 CCE students and parents represented our school community. If our delegation gets a similar spot in the parade lineup as last year (14 out of approximately 80), this is what it would be like:

  1. All CCE family participants must arrive to UCD by 9:15 am. You are welcome to arrive earlier since we will have activities for children (e.g. flag making). We would ask some parent volunteers to arrive at 8:30 am to secure our spot,
  2. The parade officially starts at 10:00 am,
  3.  The parade’s walking distance is approximately 1.6 miles.
  4. Our delegation would reach the finish line around 10:40 am.
  5. After 10:40 am, you and your family can watch the rest of the parade or head to some of the activities on campus.

Bikes, skates, rollerblades, and electric scooters are not allowed; however, strollers, pull-along wagons, and non-electric shooters are allowed.

If you and your family are planning to join us, please fill out your participation form and sign a waiver (available in the main office) by March 11, 2020 at 3:00pm. For more information please contact Agustin Antunez, SIPAT, CCE Picnic Day Parade coordinator at agantunez@gmail.com or visit our website.

Upcoming Events visit our online calendar for more details

February 25 – Parent Engagement Night, 6:00-8:00 p.m. in the All Student Center, DHS

March 4 – Kindergarten Move-A-Thon, 11:00-11:30 a.m. in the Kinder Playground, Sponsored by SIPAT

March 6 – Move-A-Thon, 1st-6th grades, on the CCE Playground

March 9 – Kindergarten Enrollment, 8:00-2:00 p.m., MPR

Our Mission

To develop socially responsible lifelong learners who embrace multiculturalism, Spanish and English biliteracy and bilingualism.

Stay Updated

Keeping our community informed about happenings on our campus is a priority to our staff. Read my regular updates at “Principal News” and visit our online Chávez Calendar.

Share your Voice and Talents

At Chavez we are so fortunate to have such a loving and engaged community. Find out more about volunteering or what meetings and opportunities are happening by participating in one or more of our regular committee meetings. Learn more under “Committees” tab on our school website www.cesarchavez.djusd.net.


Spanish Immersion Parents and Teachers (SIPAT) - our PTA - provides a forum for our entire school community to discuss school issues and priorities, plan school enrichment programs, and raise funds to support our school community. Visit them at http://www.ccesipat.com/