Spring Safety Week
Posted on 05/09/2019
One of the most crucial parts of our safety planning is emergency drills. Every fall and spring each school site hosts a Safety Week where students and staff engage in crisis-like scenarios which may include fire drills, mock evacuations and/or lockdown drills. Staff is trained, students are informed and the school community can remain calm as we set the right tone for what to do in the event of a real emergency. Information for parents can be found in the Emergency Situations at School document which provides information to parents regarding what students and staff will be doing during a drill, and the role of the parent in a crisis.

MONDAY, MAY 13 • Safety Practice Drill Practice Drill: Lock Down
TUESDAY, MAY 14 • Safety Practice Drill: Shelter In Place
WEDNESDAY, MAY 15 • Safety Practice Drill: Fire (Evacuation) Drill
THURSDAY, MAY 16 • Safety Practice Drill: Earthquake
FRIDAY, MAY 17 • Safety Practice Drill: Teacher Down (Hold) Drill