Posted on 10/21/2019

8:25-8:35 a.m. "Desfile de disfraces” will take place on the black top. Festive music will be played.

Students are permitted to wear their costumes in the classroom if they choose to. We are not forcing anyone to participate in costume wearing, and if costumes cause a disruption in the classroom teachers may request the student to remove it. The goal is to not spend the day taking costumes off and on, they are permitted to wear them without minimal distraction to the school day.

Costume Guidelines
Wearing a costume for the day is optional.
Choose a day and time during recess, lunch, after-school to help students make costumes in the classroom with teacher/students; costume items could be available if classroom families donate.
Please follow district and school Dress Code policy, wear appropriate attire without indecency or gore.
You must be identifiable throughout the day. Therefore, costumes without masks and face coverings are necessary, including avoiding face paint that disguises your appearance.
Choose a costume that is comfortable and allows for independent adjustments.
For safety reasons, we are asking that you leave the following items at home:
Weapons, or costume accessories that look like weapons
Aerosol color sprays or glitter
Make-up or face-painting crayons, paint brushes
Fake blood
Noise making accessories