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Message to CCE Climate Committee and Volunteers for Origami Night

Good Morning CCE Climate Committee and Volunteers for CCE Origami Night!!


I would like just to thank all of you who helped to make CCE Origami Night a wonderful Family Night!! My impression is that everybody had a good time and we had a great number of families coming and enjoying the community event. I want to point out that I think the posters around the school and the CCE News announcement about the event, plus being in our website announced too… makes a big difference for a Family Night to be successful. I highly appreciate all of you that help to spread the word, came ready to help if necessary and also brought your families to be part of Origami Night!!! Thanks to all of you!!! I highly appreciate it!!!


These are some photos that show how wonderful our 2019 Origami Night was:


https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FBtUDdhSN1aS6Gznxe6a9m6Oxoew9CKS   2019 March 7 CCE Origami Night-Spread Love with Origami



As you probably know, I really love origami and all the amazing benefits and happiness that origami brings to us. I would love to explore the idea of offering more regularly origami gatherings in our school. I would love to be in charge of organizing the origami activities if a group of parents could be in charge of students’ safety (being in charge of permission from parents to stay, being sure that students are supervised, being sure students return to their parents and that nobody gets lost or confused, etc ).


I talked few months ago with Kaitlin Post about possible activities after school to offer next year to our school community. The idea of having an “Origami Club” came up. It could be a possibility and I could help to start the group until a group of students can be in charge and run the “Origami Club” by themselves. We have already amazing “origami gurus” among our students and parents. They just need to have the space to develop and thrive.


I leave the idea here and I will presented to the CCE Climate Committee and PBIS team as an activity to bring our community together and find ways for students to interact in a positive way.


Thanks again for helping to make Origami Night a fun Night for our school community!!! Let’s go it next year again!!! J J




Eva M. Dopico

2nd grade teacher

Spanish Immersion

César Chávez Elementary


For the promotion of a world where

people are safe, respected

and free from any kind of bullying or violence