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About César Chávez Elementary

César Chávez Elementary School is an elementary school in the Davis Joint Unified School District. The school is adjacent to Redwood Park, where the students frequently play. Construction of the building was completed in October of 1954.

It is the main campus for the district's Spanish Immersion program which has existed since 1982, and where all classes are taught in Spanish. Previously, the Spanish Immersion was located at North Davis Elementary School, among other schools.

This school used to be known as West Davis Elementary (WDE) but is now named to honor César Chávez.

Our program goals for all students are:

  • To develop a high level of proficiency in Spanish and English;
  • To gain skills and knowledge in the content areas of the curriculum in keeping with the District’s stated objective in these areas;
  • To develop positive attitudes toward other languages and cultures.

For native speakers of Spanish, the program functions to accomplish three academic goals:

  • To maintain and develop Spanish language proficiency;
  • To develop English proficiency through natural communicative interactions and comprehensible content instruction;
  • To develop literacy and academic proficiency in two languages.